LMC Insurance

LMC Insurance and ServiShare have partnered together since 2002. This partnership has been able to provide IHA members with a full range of brokerage services including employee benefits, property and casualty, personal insurance, bonds and financial services.

LMC is a co-sponsor of the ServiShare Workers’ Compensation and Employee Safety Committee and the associated bi-annual educational seminars; they are also a co-sponsor of the ServiShare Risk Management Committee and the annual Risk Management Conference.

Want to learn more about value-added services LMC can provide for your facility?

To learn more about LMC, please visit their website: LMC Insurance

For more information about property and casualty services, please contact:

Pat Duff, Senior Vice President
515-237-0193 or pat.duff@lmcins.com


Ford Singbush, ARM, Vice President
515-237-0138 or ford.singbush@lmcins.com

For more information about employee benefits and related support, please contact:

Fred Bounds, ALCM, ARM, Senior Vice President
515-237-0187 or fred.bounds@lmcins.com


Brynna Dooley, GBA, Account Executive
515-237-0142 or brynna.dooley@lmcins.com