The Giving Group

What is The Giving Group?

Established in 1995, the Giving Group's mission is three-fold: (1) to maximize technology and inspire donors in their charitable giving activities; (2) to educate donors about the importance of giving today as well as in the future; and (3) to empower donors to help perpetuate the organizations that they care about.

What is a donor-advised fund?

A donor-advised fund is a charitable giving vehicle administered by a thrid party and created for the purpose of managing charitable donations on behalf of an organization, family or individual. Donors enjoy administractive convenience, cost savings and tax advantages by conducting their grantmaking through the fund.


Donor-advised funds are charitable giving vehicles that are administered by a public charity which manages charitale assets for individuals or organizations.


A donor makes an irrevocable, tax-deductible donation to the sponsoring charity of the donor-advised fund program (your foundation).


The donor works with their trusted financial professional to recommend a strategy to grow these charitable assets.

The donor recommends grants through their fund.


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