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AMN Healthcare, the largest permanent placement physician and allied health search and consulting firm in the United States, and Iowa Hospital Association have enjoyed a positive and productive relationship for over 15 years.  AMN Healthcare has been an Endorsed Business Partner of ServiShare over the same period.

Since that time, they have continued to prove themselves as a trusted authority for educational resources and support to member hospitals in the areas of physician trends and recruitment. Most of their heir published materials, such as the “Annual Review of Physician Recruitment Incentives,” “The Survey of Final Year Medical Residents,” and the “Survey of Physician Inpatient/Outpatient Revenue” provide valuable information that our members have come to rely on when developing their own physician recruitment strategies. ​

AMN Healthcare conducts more than 3,000 permanent physician search assignments each year. Their 35-year track record in the healthcare industry speaks to their expertise and trust and AMN Healthcare is acknowledged as the industry leading source of permanent and advanced practitioner recruiting expertise.

2023 Physician Billing Report Introduction
2023 Physician Billing Report
2023 Physician Billing Report Infographic

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