Telemedicine: Helping Eliminate Disparities in Treatment, Access and Outcomes.

Presented by Dr. Gallagher, board-certified cardiologist and serves as Chief Executive Officer, leading Access TeleCare to be the leader in specialty telemedicine.

This Q&A discussion dives into the disparities in treatment and patient outcomes for access to quality care. Using real-life examples, this session discusses telemedicine as a solution to the access problem and examine the financial impacts a telemedicine program can have on a hospital’s bottom line.



Must-Haves for a Successful Chronic Care Management Program

Presented by Shane Grivich, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Chartspan

What is CCM, why is it so important, what is essential in order to have a successful CCM program, what are the benefits of a successful program, and how ChartSpan approaches CCM differently.



MCAG’s ERC Solution

Presented by Adam Schmidt, Vice President of Business Development, MCAG

This session will cover topics including:

  • What is an Employee Retention Credit (ERC)?
  • What are the qualifiers?
  • How does an organization file for the ERC credit if eligible?


Session Materials:
Session PPT Handouts
Initiate ERC Questionnaire
List of Types of Documentation Required to Complete Full Analysis




Don’t Be the Bank

Presented by Tobias Mezger, CFO, COO, PayZen

This session will compare PayZen’s health care affordability platform with traditional in-house payment plans.




Discover How Health Care Can Harness the Power of Technology

Presented by TJ Bangs, Vice President and Bryan Stanford, Account Manager – Healthcare, Carrier Access IT will be presenting at this session.

The opportunity to drive improved efficiency and better patient outcomes through connected, secure, sustainable technology has never been greater. Attendees will learn more about Carrier Access, popular health care business outcomes and 2023 technology trends.



Navigating Cyber Threats and Regulatory Commitments

Presented by Erin Eike, Senior Cybersecurity Account Executive and RJ Hammel, Sales/Cybersecurity Consultant

An overview of services provided by new ServiShare partner, ProCircular


Price Transparency & No Surprises Act Webinar

Presented by Barbara Johnson, BSN, RN, Senior Revenue Consultant, Para, CorroHealth Company

Handout 1    Handout 2

With the intent to empower patients and increase competition, the Price Transparency requirements went into effect on January 1, 2021. One year later, the No Surprises Act (NSA) added more regulations to protect patients. Simply put, the NSA protects patients from surprise medical bills that come from unknowingly receiving care from out-of-network care providers and emergency services. It also took Price Transparency to a new level by requiring providers to present a good faith estimate to uninsured or self-pay patients since January 2022 and soon issuing estimates to health plans which will use the estimate to provide an advanced Explanation of Benefits to their enrollees. Many providers still have unanswered questions about how Price Transparency and NSA affect their practice—and the steps they must take to comply with them. This presentation will attempt to answer many of those questions as we discuss how Price Transparency and NSA have evolved and where they are projected to go.  



The 21st Century Cures Act: Access to Medical Records

Presented by Dean McConnell, Deputy General Counsel, COPIC

The Information Blocking Rule creates a paradigm shift on how medical professionals are required to respond to requests for copies of medical and billing records from patients, health care providers, and others who should have access. This seminar will review the requirements of the new rule, discuss potential trouble areas, and highlight ways to maintain compliance.




Get to Know MedCerts

Presented by Rafael Castaneda, VP of Workforce Development,
Patrick Verda, Director of Partnerships, Rachel McGuire, Regional Manager of Partnerships

MedCerts is a leader in online health care and IT certification training. Their programs are state-of-the-art and custom created through the collaboration of an in-house production team, industry-recognized subject matter experts and education technological design team. Focused on in-demand careers and applicable job skills for their students, these programs are nationally recognized by accredited credentialing agencies and national employers. 


Cut Patient Care Supply Disruptions

Presented by Patrick Brennan, CEO and Founder, Supply Risk Solutions and Kevin Lewis, Director, Vizient Supply Assurance 

Patients depend on health care supplies for the lifesaving care they need. Yet natural disasters, pandemic, regulatory actions, bankruptcy, recalls, site fires, etc. wreak havoc on healthcare supply chains, placing patients’ lives at risk. This session will present proven strategies for establishing supply chain risk transparency, threat monitoring, and preventing disruptions.


No Surprises Act (11/15/22)

Presented by Barbara Johnson, Senior Revenue Cycle Consultant, ParaRev

On Dec. 27, 2020, the No Surprises Act (NSA) was signed into law as part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021. The NSA protects patients from surprise medical bills that come from unknowingly receiving care from out-of-network care providers. It also takes Price Transparency to a new level by requiring providers to present a good faith estimate to uninsured or self-pay patients. The NSA has been in effect for several months, yet many providers still have unanswered questions about what its interim final rules mean and the steps they must take to comply with them.



No Surprises Act – Follow-up Session

This webinar serves as a follow-up to the No Surprises Act (NSA) webinar held on November 15th. There will be a brief review of the No Surprises Act including steps to take to comply and what provisions are being enforced. The remainder of the webinar will be focused on addressing questions.





Innovation to Deliver Health Care Affordability and Access

Presented by Ed Young, Vice President of Solutions at PayZen, Jenn Troxell, Director of Patient Financial Services at Evangelical Community Hospital

This session discusses how PayZen’s innovative and proprietary platform is helping health care organizations solve health care affordability and health care access challenges. PayZen’s platform empowers patients to seek the care they need when they need it, and providers are able to be paid more of what they have earned while also enhancing the patient experience and driving patient loyalty.





Leadership Lessons in Risk Management and Medical Liability Webinar

Presented by AssuredPartners and COPIC

How can hospitals and medical facilities enhance their risk-management planning to prevent claims, reinforce patient safety and improve outcomes? During this Q&A discussion, Gerald Zarlengo, COPIC’s CEO, shares his experience as a partner at an OB-GYN practice in a large system to offer insight about identifying high-risk areas, implementing processes for improvement, and reducing adverse outcomes and claims. The discussion focuses on what has changed in the medical liability environment and where things are headed. The partnership between AssuredPartners and COPIC and the programs and resources they offer also is highlighted.



 Managing Difficult Patient Interactions

Presented by AssuredPartners and COPIC

Physicians face many situations that involve challenging patients. This webinar focuses on managing difficult patient interactions – from angry demands for pain medicine to sadness from a negative diagnosis. Because the physician-patient relationship is integral to medicine, navigating these situations effectively is an important skill. This webinar uses interactive case-based vignettes to teach you how to improve techniques with patients and build a skill set to use in difficult encounters.